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  • NOC 7511--Long Haul Truck Driver
  • NOC 9461--Processing and packaging technician
  • NOC 7421--Sawmill machine operators
  • NOC 6342--Tailor-custom made suits only
  • NOC 9434--Other wood processing machine operators
  • NOC 2282 -- User support technician
  • NOC 9411--Processing and manufacturing machine operators
  • NOC 8441-- fishing vessel deckhands
  • NOC 9437--Woodworking machine operators
  • NOC 8613--Aquaculture and marine harvest labourers
  • NOC 7312--Heavy-duty equipment Mechanics
  • NOC 9619 --Labourers in processing, manufacturing and utilities
  • NOC 7311--Millwrights
  • NOC 9617--Food industry worker- food preparation, chocolate making, pastry, bread, kitchen experience


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