Why Hire a Foreign National

It’s simpler than you think!

It is clear that with the Canadian-born workforce shrinking and the demand for labour growing, immigrants will play an increasingly important role in growing New Brunswick’s population and labour market.

Many resources are available to New Brunswick businesses that are looking to tap into the province’s skilled immigrant talent pool and grow their operations.

Our experienced officers can assist you in finding the right solution for your needs, including putting you in contact with:

  • International students who graduated from a Canadian University,
  • Newcomers to New Brunswick with the skills you are looking for, and
  • The appropriate authorities in countries where you may find the skilled labour you need (this could include developing a foreign worker recruitment strategy).

There are many benefits of hiring newcomers. In addition to bringing high levels of education and expertise in their chosen professions, immigrants can apply their knowledge of international markets to help companies do business in other parts of the world.

Still wondering if hiring a foreign national the right choice for your business or organization?

This option might be a good choice if you have been experiencing a chronic shortage of skilled labour and have already tried to hire—but are unable to find—a Canadian worker to fill a permanent position.

The government of New Brunswick has access to direct economic immigration tools for bringing in new skilled labour to the province.

These programs allow:

  • employers to identify, hire and support foreign workers, and
  • the province to select a limited number of prospective immigrants and nominate them for permanent residency.

If you and your prospective employee meet specific criteria, you may be eligible for one of our programs.

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